We have a disciplined approach to investing in real estate that utilizes well defined strategies to target attractive market niches.

We pair this with a rigorous, institutional quality due diligence and underwriting process and a focus on superior project execution to match risk with reward and realize returns. Above all, we are focused on capital preservation with value-based plays that have potential for significant upside.

Our Approach

  • Target areas of capital market inefficiencies: provide capital where current sources fail
  • Diversify nationally but bet on local experience: work with the best-in-market operators, nationally
  • Focus on value, not speculation: off-market, infill, strong supply/demand dynamics
  • Seek opportunities aligned with identified trends (both cyclical and secular)
  • Utilize creative deal structuring to unlock hidden value for investors and developers
  • Align incentives with operators: execution and resource focus critical to realizing returns
  • Focus on capital preservation through rigorous, conservative underwriting

Focused Strategies in Attractive Niches

While real estate in general continues to be an attractive asset class, it is a fragmented market with local dynamics creating wide variation between sub-markets. Our strategic approach to investing and a nationwide scope in partnership with experienced local operators allows us to hone in on the most attractive opportunities wherever they are.


Institutional Quality Deals & Due Diligence

Rigorous risk assessment, risk mitigation, and strong execution are key to realizing good returns in real estate. We maintain institutional standards of due diligence, and underwrite each deal, leveraging our data sources to independently verify project assumptions and sponsor track record. All our sponsors pass a thorough screening before their projects can be approved. In addition, we strive to structure deals in a way that aligns investor/operator incentives and aims to preserve capital if markets change.


Transparency through Technology

Big data has already transformed the finance, technology, and communications industries and now it is transforming real estate. Dramatic growth in data combined with advances in technology are creating opportunities for unparalleled transparency for investors. We mine best-in-class data and make it easy to understand so you don’t have to sift through dozens of pages of documents to identify the most relevant insights. Our data and technology also enables us to cost effectively scale institutional due diligence processes.